Community connection

As a program our goal is to spread the innovative spirit, quite literally, around the world. We are always open to partnering within the Carolina Community, the Triangle, national and global companies or social enterprises--please reach out if you are interested in what we do, who we are or our students.



Interested in hosting a Shuford student as an intern? We would love to connect you with our vibrant community of student though leaders and innovators. To gain insight into hosting an intern or becoming an internship site, please click the button below. 


support our students

Thinking through ways to make a lasting impact at Carolina? We would love to hear from you about ways we could partner to foster student and programming growth. To learn more about ways to give, please click the button below


Give your time

Students are always interested in connecting with alumni and friends of the program. Whether it is through email, in person or by other means, we want to continue to foster a multi-generational approach to preparing our students for the future. Interested in learning about way to get involved? See the button below.